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Equipment testing at ABB Bromborough

ABB has invested in a new test bay at its Bromborough site on the Wirral Peninsula to examine all power quality equipment manufactured there. Products under scrutiny will include power factor correction equipment and active filters that eliminate the troublesome harmonics found on electrical supply networks.

Commissioned in January this year, the bay includes the latest computerised testing technology and has been designed and optimised for ABB. Before products are shipped, the new facility will ensure consistent high quality by testing in an automated bay to the highest levels of repeatability and accuracy, including systematic data storage. Testing will include high voltage, insulation and continuity tests. 

ABB claims that moving its power quality facility to a new purpose-built facility has provided a better power quality service to its customers in the UK, improving the flexibility and capability for special project work. This has included developing new products like the QS4 modular capacitor shelf, which can handle up to 100 kvar compensation capacity. This will allow our panel building customers to bring to market more cost efficient integrated solutions, while being backed up by highly reliable ABB base technology.

Steve Joyce, ABB’s Power Quality Business Manager, commented: “Power quality is becoming increasingly important for business continuity. For example, harmonic distortions can cause unexplained shutdowns, damage to equipment and premature failure, whereas poor power factor can lead to loss of capacity and reduce life of equipment, and some utilities also charge a penalty to sites that have a low power factor. Power quality equipment can overcome these issues.”

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