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Customer briefing centre opens in Schwalbach, Germany

Data centre infrastructure specialist Panduit EMEA has opened a customer briefing centre in Schwalbach, Germany, which provides 100 square metres of server room infrastructure technology and conference areas. The facility has been designed to showcase the latest developments in the company’s data centre and industrial automation infrastructure solutions.

The Schwalbach centre contains an operational data centre to illustrate the company’s and its partners’ hardware and software. Panduit claims that its customers will now be able to experience the physical aspects of the data centre including contained environment cabinets, heat and cooling management systems, structured cabling (fibre and copper) and data centre management systems. The centre provides practical demonstrations of how these solutions help reduce cooling systems power requirements as well as cabling that extends lifecycles and reduces MAC generating higher ROI.

Managing director Ralph Lolies commented: “The Customer Briefing Centre is [the] latest investment in our EMEA customer services and will allows us to demonstrate our world class technology, which is helping organisations to better manage their investment in data centres”.

Based in Schwalbach, Germany the Customer Briefing Centre is located at Panduit’s German head office and is within easy reach of the central European marketplace. Panduit also operates customer briefing centres in Brussels, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Shanghai, Mexico City, and Chicago.

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