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Plans for Europe’s largest battery factory mature

ABB Northvolt Crop

ABB and Northvolt have entered into a smart electrification partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a wide-ranging supply and technology agreement, which will include products and services for Northvolt’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery factory and close collaboration on development of battery solutions and R&D activities.

ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) will support the initial phase of the project through an early investment, while Northvolt will build Europe’s largest and most advanced lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden. An ABB statement suggested that the factory will supply European customers in the automotive and key industries with high quality and customisable battery solutions. The factory is expected to start production in 2020. A demonstration line will be ready by 2019 and will allow Northvolt to optimise products and processes on a continuous basis.
“We are excited to support Northvolt’s project to build the battery factory of the future here in one of our home countries,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “This uniquely integrated factory would be a true showcase for ABB’s leadership in industrial automation and smart electrification and would help to meet the ever-increasing demand for smarter, greener storage solutions.”
The Energy Revolution has spurred the use of renewable energy sources and lowered the reliance on fossil fuels. Electrification and storage are the keys to a carbon neutral society. The shift to e-mobility alone will drive the need for batteries to new heights. The ability to store energy is also crucial to free the world’s energy generation and distribution from fossil fuels in a phased manner.
“The world is moving quickly towards electrification. We want to enable this transition by building the largest, cutting-edge lithium-ion battery factory on the European continent and producing the world’s greenest batteries. ABB is at the forefront of the electrification, and we are delighted to have them onboard as strategic partner, key supplier and investor”, said Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt.
The products and services that ABB intend to supply include a fully integrated robotics, automation and electrification solution including ABB’s distributed control system Ability System 800xA, making this venture a true showcase for Industry 4.0, claimed ABB. Both partners have agreed on a technology collaboration to drive innovation in battery technology in areas such as production platform, cell and module design, and battery performance. The companies intend to have a close collaboration on development of battery solutions for mobile and stationary applications, including the potential sourcing of batteries.
“We see great potential in partnering with Northvolt to develop environmental friendly solutions for utilities, industry as well as infrastructure & transportation. This is a true milestone for us and our customers in our aim for a fossil fuel free society, especially here in Sweden”, said Johan Söderström, managing director of ABB Sweden.
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