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UPS systems meet future needs

Next Energy

Power protection specialist, Riello UPS used the occasion of the IP Expo Europe event held at London’s Excel in October to announce the launch of two systems into the power requirements market.

Next Energy and Sentinel Dual, both of which are for use in mission critical applications, have been showcased to key decision makers looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. 
The Next Energy UPS device is a high-tech solution offering efficiencies of up to 97 per cent and low running cost, the company claims. The system is equipped with a seven-inch interactive touch screen providing UPS information, measurements, voltage and current waveforms. To remove the need for transformers, Next Energy also boasts double conversion technology at VFI SS 111 classification, integrated IGBT three-level design and an in-built energy control system as standard.
The unit’s performance gives a unity power factor (kW/kVA) and supports the capability to supply capacitive loads, as well as easy system upgrading, making it suitable for business continuity. Next Energy works to not only prevent disturbances on the mains, but also to clean the power supply.  
The Sentinel Dual, the other product being showcased at IP Expo, is designed for maximum power reliability, is suitable for many different applications, from IT to security. It is available in 5-6-8-10 kVA/kW models. With an easy-to-use digital display and a user-replaceable battery set, the Sentinel Dual can be installed as tower (floor standing) or rack, to suit network and server rack applications.
The range is available with on-line double conversion technology, meaning the load is powered continuously. In addition, up to three systems can be operated in parallel offering increased reliability and performance.
Leo Craig, general manager of Riello UPS commented: “IP Expo is the perfect platform to launch the Next Energy and Sentinel Dual ranges as it attracts key decision makers in the IT sector and has a reputation across Europe as the go-to event for unveiling the latest developments in the industry. With this launch, we’re marking our commitment to developing our UPS offering to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the data centre of tomorrow with flexible and forward-thinking solutions,” he concluded.
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