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Software revision enhances user experience

DCIM specialist Nlyte Software has released Nlyte 9.0 which, the company suggests, has been extensively redesigned ‘from the ground-up’ to personalise the user experience in data centres and colocation facilities. Nlyte’s CEO and president, Doug Sabella, elaborated: “We continually learn from our customers, who are among the leading infrastructure operators, and incorporate their feedback for the benefit of our entire customer base. 

“Using their feedback, Nlyte has created the perfect balance between the advanced data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities and a new streamlined user interface. This new user experience was optimised to simplify data displays while reducing the number of clicks to perform common operational activities – and laying the foundation for upcoming capabilities around big data and machine learning,” Sabella commented.

Nlyte 9.0 includes complete support for REST APIs which enable developers to perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol, such as GET and POST, customising the way Nlyte 9.0 extracts information from homegrown management systems, building management systems (BMS), IT service management (ITSM) systems or other financial applications.

“Nlyte 9.0 not only further increases the scalability of the Nlyte DCIM solution, but it also now allows our customers to operate on any browsers or mobile devices that support HTML 5,” said Robert Neave, CTO and co-founder, Nlyte. “Users will benefit from the streamlined, personalised capabilities of the solution while organisations will be able to more easily integrate other applications into the rich data maintained within the Nlyte system.”

Earlier in the month, the company released Nlyte Discovery, a full-solution application set that automatically collects and provides detailed information about all devices connected to an organisation’s network. The package includes the tools and technology necessary to visualise and manage the results of discovered hardware, configuration, services/processes and applications/software information.

“Nlyte Discovery is a comprehensive solution that scans across all major protocols and operating systems, including Linux and Microsoft, to provide a single application, holistic view of all data centre and colocation infrastructure assets,” said Sabella. “This not only helps personnel to perform their jobs more easily, but alerts them of security issues in their hardware, firmware and software patches so they can quickly mitigate the risks of these vulnerabilities – which as seen in recent news coverage, can be detrimental and brand-damaging to organisations when hacked.”

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