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Industrial-grade UPS has modular design

AEG Power Solutions has launched fully modular UPS with a robust design suitable for demanding environments and is the only one in its category to be configurable to all electrical system schemes with the benefits of power modularity, it is claimed.

Protect Flex features a wide range of configurable options and a high level of scalability and flexibility and is designed to meet an increasing demand from industries to secure power supply with an equipment which has a compact footprint yet still offering a high level of reliability and resist to unprotected environment such as humidity, corrosion and dust.

This new concept of UPS systems combines a modular architecture based on 10 and 15 kVA/kW, hot swappable power modules, transformer-less and IGBT based, with a customisable set of options and provides N+1 inbuilt power redundancy to maximise reliability. In a nutshell, the Protect Flex is a simplified, flexible and highly cost-effective UPS which can cope effectively with harsh environmental conditions, with an IP43 rating protection.

The system’s design to maximises savings in terms of footprint and power installed (kVA). Its electrical and mechanical design, cabling and protection devices, are engineered to maximise security and simplify maintenance operations, the maker says.

The product is claimed to achieve high reliability with optimum availability. Up time availability is maximised by a high-quality equipment and design with the Mean Time To repair (MTTR) minimised, thanks to its modular and hot-swappable architecture.


AEG Power Solutions

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