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Ryanair closes data centres in switch to AWS databases

Ryanair will close much of its data handling capacity and move most of its operations to the public cloud. The airline has signed a contract with Amazon Web Services and plans closing the vast majority of its own data centres by 2021

As part of its three-year standardisation plan, Ryanair will adopt AWS databases, analytics, machine learning and deep learning services. It will also build a company-wide data lake on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), which will allow it to stream customer and business data in real-time using AWS Kinesis.

The company will scrap its Microsoft SQL database in favour of Amazon Aurora, allowing it to run marketing campaigns ‘at a fraction of the cost’, it is claimed.

The Irish low-cost airline already uses AWS to run its main website and its hotel booking service, Ryanair Rooms, and has started using AWS ML Solutions Lab as a platform to develop applications capable of identifying surges in demand for specific flights and foreseeing any changes to flight schedules.

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