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Clik-Nut now Included with select cabinet systems

Panel builders in Europe can now purchase Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) popular F-Series TeraFrame and GF-Series GlobalFrame Cabinet Systems with Clik-Nut Hardware Kit included, which reduces installation time by at least 70 percent. Clik-Nut is a tool-less cage nut, which features a patent-pending squeeze-and-release design—eliminating the need for tools. The product provides the same strength and reliability as standard cage nuts and is fully compatible with square-punched holes.

Standard cage nuts can be difficult and time-consuming to install and move, requiring force that exceeds what can be reasonably applied by human fingers. Consequently, installers routinely suffer from pinched fingers, ripped or detached fingernails. CPI’s Clik-Nut Hardware Kit solves these issues.

“Anyone who has ever used cage nuts will attest they are not easy to install or remove. They are difficult and painful to install without a specialty tool; the tool is always missing when you need it, and no tool works well for both installation and removal. The increasing number of requests to install these at the factory combined with general customer comments over the years motivated us to take a second look,” said Sam Rodriguez, CPI Sr. Product Manager of Cabinet & Thermal Solutions.

No tools are required to assemble the system. The squeeze-and-release design allows for easier, faster and safer installation, it is claimed. Users get the same strength and reliability as standard cage nuts. And the product is fully compatible with 9.5 mm EIA square-punched holes

Users must simply align the Clik-Nut with the desired mounting hole, squeeze and release the tab. The Clik-Nut will then be fastened in place and ready for equipment mounting.“I am confident that our customers will be pleased. Instead of creating a better tool, we eliminated it. The end result is a fast, safe and simple design that provides the same high reliability attachment the industry has relied upon for decades,” Rodriguez added.

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