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Dedicated servers offer low latency for the UK market

Europe’s largest cloud hosting provider, OVH, has made a further commitment to its UK expansion plans with the launch of a dedicated server range, which is being made available through its recently-opened London data centre. Following the company’s vision of building a multi-cloud industry, the server range is offering a 10ms latency response time to its London-based customers along with a record delivery time of 120 seconds for its popular products. As part of its 13Tbps+ network, it is also able to offer unlimited traffic and guaranteed bandwidth.

“These mark another big step forward in our commitment to the UK market,” said Hiren Parekh, cloud director EMEA at OVH UK. “The Dedicated Server is one of our flagship products and the range is perfect for those that want an n-tier infrastructure, those that require high performance and response times or those that might want to host multiple game or TeamSpeak servers. It means we are now able to provide our UK customers with local hosting, lower latency and the latest performance-enhancing technology available anywhere in the world.

“All our web hosting, infrastructure, enterprise, storage and latest gaming offerings are now available with a range of server configurations that enable any UK business to create multi-tiered environments with processing, data management and presentations all running from their own dedicated servers,” added Craig Donovan, Cloud Tech Lead UK at OVH. “Features such as installation templates, vRack private networking and a complimentary 500GB External Storage Space, allow businesses to create their infrastructure quickly, safely and securely at our London data centre.”

All the new dedicated servers are protected by powerful anti-DDoS, which mitigate attacks and ensure services are always available for greater peace of mind. OVH has also created a novel FailOver IP Model that is claimed to set a new benchmark for efficiencies.

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