Equipment Cooling

  • The impact of IT downtime: Lessons from the banking sector

    The year 2018 brought with it a cavalcade of sensationalist headlines from numerous media outlets, describing the ‘Meltdowns’ and ‘Litany of Failures’ of IT systems in the banking sector, Karl Lycett reports.

  • The ins and outs of data centre cooling

    Saving energy and reducing carbon is a major issue in the data centre sector with increased focus on lowering power usage effectiveness (PUE). Parent magazine Electrical Review asked Alan Beresford, managing and technical director of EcoCooling to look at the techniques available to achieve these goals and the latest developments.

  • The tide is turning for liquid cooling

    Companies are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud, it’s clear that we are going to continue to need more, and bigger, data centres for the foreseeable future. In 2018, it is predicted that there will be a 21% annual increase in data centre construction. The Edge is offering many opportunities for medium and smaller scale data centres to be delivered to the buildings and locations in which they are most needed. The move will maximise speed, protect data sovereignty as well as manage critical applications that can’t be in the cloud. Small, or large, change is coming. 

  • Trends for cloud computing and data centres

    Computing equipment specialist, Rittal has published some interesting predictions for the future of the data centre sector as the industry moves towards greater AI-based monitoring capabilities and the processing of data in real time with edge computing.   

  • Vertiv: Top five data centre trends for 2019

    For 2019, experts at Vertiv predict that it’ll be edge computing driving change in the data centre industry.

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