Uninterruptible Power Systems

  • Lithium-ion batteries suit large scale UPS systems

    A switch to lithium-ion batteries can reduce replacement frequency, footprint and total cost of ownership of large scale UPS systems, according to Southampton based energy storage specialist Vertiv. Formerly known as Emerson Network Power, the company has launched an energy storage solution for several of its Liebert uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. 

  • Microsite resource designed to support data centre personnel

    Electronic test specialist, Fluke has developed a web microsite specifically targeting those running and maintaining data centre infrastructure. The site provides a range of downloadable information for data centre facility managers, contractor services managers, electrical engineers and UPS, HVAC, mechanical and electrical technicians. Easy contact can be made with a Fluke expert who will be able to advise on the best tool to solve a problem.

  • Modular UPS solutions unveiled at Dublin show

    UK based UPS specialist Metartec will launch a new generation of uninterruptible power supply for data centres at the Data Centres Ireland show on 22nd and 23rd November at the RDS Dublin. The revised design of this modular solution offers increased power availability whilst still allowing a versatile approach to configuration and scalability, the company says.

  • MPower UPS acquired by Swiss group

    Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, Centiel has announced the acquisition of MPower UPS in a move which will significantly increase its UK market share. Earlier in 2017 MPower joined forces with Centiel to market its UPS products and has now become a subsidiary company. 

  • New Schneider white paper: Using li-ion technology in UPS systems

    Schneider Electric has released a new white paper, #231 ‘FAQs for using lithium-ion batteries with a UPS’. The paper provides a comprehensive guide to lithium-ion technologies and the capabilities associated with their deployment in UPS systems.

  • Partnership highlights expected growth in Irish data centres

    Ireland’s data centre market seems set for further growth and expansion, boosted by the news that leading  manufacturer Riello UPS is forming a partnership with PSE Power, Ireland’s largest independent supplier of power protection and energy management solutions. The agreement gives PSE Power access to Riello UPS stocks and supplies in Ireland, and strengthens PSE’s ‘all-time uptime’ power protection offering to leading technology companies and data centres including Google, Apple, Thomson Reuters and Interxion.

  • Plans for Europe’s largest battery factory mature

    ABB and Northvolt have entered into a smart electrification partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a wide-ranging supply and technology agreement, which will include products and services for Northvolt’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery factory and close collaboration on development of battery solutions and R&D activities.

  • Plans to build the world's largest data centre made public

    The facility is planned for the Norwegian town of Ballangen, which is located inside the Arctic Circle. The firm behind the project, Kolos, says the chilled air and abundant hydropower available locally would help it keep its energy costs down. Kolos says it is 'changing the paradigm in data centre infrastructure, moving away from dense high-cost, fossil fuel-driven areas, to an area abundant in clean, renewable energy'.

  • Preventing system failure with fault tolerant servers

    For 37 years, Stratus has been preventing computing crises before they happen, eliminating that need to clean up after and make good the damage, says Chuck Hafermann, Stratus Technologies.

  • Q&A with Durata: UPS

    A Q&A with John McGee, managing director at critical infrastructure specialists, Durata UK. John talks all things UPS; from selecting the right system to proper maintenance, future proofing your facility and current industry trends.

  • Riello UPS unveils five-year warranty pledge

    Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Riello UPS is now offering customers some new year cheer by introducing a standard five-year warranty.

  • Schneider Electric adds Easy UPS 3M to the Easy UPS 3 Series

    Schneider Electrichas added the new Easy UPS 3M, a 60 kVA to 100 kVA (400V) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), to its 3-Phase UPS family of products.

  • Single phase UPS gets Li-ion power

    Increasingly in the IT world, business-critical applications and IoT systems are being moved closer to the edge of the network to reduce latency, enhance connectivity and improve performance. As a result, the criticality of these distributed IT environments has become paramount to everyday business operations.

  • Single-phase UPS with Li-Ion battery fills industry gap

    Increasingly, business-critical applications and IoT systems are being moved closer to the edge of the network to reduce latency, enhance connectivity and improve performance. As a result, the criticality of these distributed IT environments has become paramount to everyday business operations.

  • Space saving ups suits critical loads

    Mission critical technology specialist, Vertiv has launched a new model to its award-winning portfolio of Liebert EXS Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The company tells us that the Liebert EXS is an extremely compact, monolithic, transformer-free UPS which provides very high density and the maximum active power possible up to 40oC. Its double conversion efficiency of up to 96.2% also significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and impact on the environment.

  • Stand-by power provides continuity for major Ukrainian data centre

    FG Wilson's Ukrainian, Madek has supplied a stand-by power solution for the largest commercial data centre in the country. The project involved the supply of two generator sets to ensure continuity of supply to the data centre.

  • Sudlows secures Telefónica UK contract for critical power upgrade

    Award-winning critical infrastructure specialist Sudlows has announced it has successfully secured a multimillion pound infrastructure contract with the global communications provider, Telefónica UK.

  • The advantages of VRLA batteries

    Alex Emms, operations director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, discusses all things VRLA batteries, how they operate, your options, advantages and what to watch out for.

  • The critical role of data centre uptime during the COVID-19 crisis

    As the world reels from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that there is increased pressure for data centres to be immune to the risks of downtime, with load bank testing playing a vital role in any future resilience strategy. Paul Brickman, sales and marketing director at Crestchic Loadbanks, explores best practice when it comes to testing backup power supplies.

    Increased expectations of uptime

    The events of recent months have demonstrated that the ability to operate, secure and recover systems is critical to the global economy. With social isolation a key tactic in the fight against COVID-19, people are increasingly reliant on digital communications, whether because they are working from home, keeping in touch with family, spending time on social networking sites or turning to online shopping in a bid to fill their cupboards. Data centres are playing a vital role in this crisis - supporting mission-critical business and social activities but also allowing governments and health professionals to store and share data which could play an important role in fighting the spread.

    Continuity planning and preparedness

    While business continuity strategies during the crisis have inevitably focused on limiting infection and ensuring continuity of service, the longer-term ramifications of the pandemic will undoubtedly change the shape of continuity planning in the future. A continuous focus on efficiency and reliability means that preparedness is in the data centre industry’s DNA. Most have very robust strategies in place to deal with power blackouts. Most are already wise to the importance of testing power supplies to avoid downtime and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are universally accepted as a piece of critical business infrastructure.

    This is evident in the company’s own order books. As a leading supplier of load testing equipment, the company has reported strong growth so far this year, with a significant amount of business coming from the growing data centre market. During the first month of lockdown, the company saw large orders for a major new data centre in Jakarta, London and a data telecommunications centre in Paris.

    Preventative maintenance: An ally in the fight against downtime

    While the growing focus on power resilience is increasingly evident, simply having the equipment in place is not enough. When power is mission-critical, as it is in a data centre environment, testing back-up power systems can make all the difference to whether they operate effectively when called upon.

    Usually installed at build-phase, standby generators are a common solution to provide back-up power if the standard electricity supply is interrupted. They are known for being robust and reliable, offering the reassurance that they’ll do the job and kick in if the worst happens. However, just like any other internal combustion engine, lubrication, cooling systems, fuel system and electrics all need to be tested to ensure faultless operation. Lifting, moving and transporting sensitive equipment, as well as varying on-site conditions such as temperature and humidity, make it absolutely critical that backup power systems are tested in-situ in actual site conditions after being installed and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

    Testing backup power. What does good look like?

    While the risks of downtime vary from site to site, one thing remains constant - interruptions in power supply have the potential to cause operational chaos. Wherever a generator is installed, there is also a need for a load bank - a device used to create an electrical load which imitates the operational or ‘real’ load that a generator would use under normal operational conditions. Load banks are used to test, support, or protect a critical backup power source and ensure that it is working optimally should an outage occur.

    Ideally, all generators should be tested annually for real-world emergency conditions using a resistive-reactive 0.8pf load bank. This type of load bank provides a picture of how well an entire system will withstand changes in load pattern while experiencing the level of power that would typically be encountered under real operational conditions.

    The inductive loads used in resistive/reactive testing will show how a system will cope with a voltage drop in its regulator. This is particularly important for data centres, where multiple generators might be operated in parallel. In this type of application, a problem with one generator could prevent other generators from working as they should. Additionally, with fuel, exhaust and cooling systems also unused, as well as the potential for embedded moisture, an untested system becomes extremely high risk.

    Properly planned and implemented, preventative maintenance strategies can minimise the likelihood of unscheduled breakdowns and outages, effectively negating the potential risk of costly commercial, reputational and legal issues.

    The stark reality of inadequate testing

    The reality is, in many instances, that those in charge of maintaining backup power have no regular testing schedule, making an assumption that occasionally powering the generator up, or testing for a minimal period, will suffice. By not testing the system adequately, the generator is put at risk of failure - with the fuel, exhaust and cooling system untested, along with the potential for embedded moisture, putting the system in the very high-risk category.

    During a crisis, when businesses are required to operate on skeleton staff, having the confidence that back-up power will work if required is even more important. Whilst some maintenance and inspection will undoubtedly be on hold for the time being, we expect to see an upsurge in testing when we emerge from this crisis and anticipate that regular preventive maintenance will become increasingly prevalent in the future.

  • The importance of what’s in the box

    Borri Spa CCO Bessam Moutragi discusses the company’s rich history, as well as bringing us up to date with Borri’s latest project with partner Power Control Ltd.

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