Uninterruptible Power Systems

  • UPS maintenance: Buyer beware

    Mike Elms, sales and marketing director at CENTIEL, outlines what you should look for in a UPS maintenance provider, as well as the importance of batteries when it comes to ensuring the maximum efficiency and availability of your system.

  • UPS systems meet future needs

    Power protection specialist, Riello UPS used the occasion of the IP Expo Europe event held at London’s Excel in October to announce the launch of two systems into the power requirements market.

  • UPS technology to improve datacentre availability required by Tier IV

    Presenting a paper at the recent Data Centre World conference, Mike Elms posed some searching questions on the subject of fourth generation modular UPS technology. Here, he details that presentation considering the challenges of achieving Tier IV availability, achieving very low PUE and how the latest UPS technology can help achieve the apparently mutually exclusive objectives of Tier IV availability plus very low PUE.

  • UPS: Safety first

    Power Control Ltd has extensive experience providing backup power to data centres across the country and knows the importance of resilient and effective emergency power. In this short article, Power Control outlines the benefits of a UPS system and how they keep large facilities safe.

  • UPS: Transitioning from reactive to proactive

    Emiliano Cevenini, vice president of commercial & industrial vertical for Vertiv EMEA explores how we can utilise UPS batteries to not only generate revenue, but help support the energy grid and push the shift towards renewable energy.

  • What’s next? The future of energy storage

    Our energy needs are evolving and the way we choose to store it should reflect that. Justin Ellis, senior manager at Comms Express explores the different energy storage options available to us as our resources change and the need for sustainability continues to grow.

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