Data centres will be the backbone of leading economies

Data centres will be the backbone of leading economies

From server rooms that power SMEs, to server farms that host in the cloud, the data centres that support our corporations and public services are the backbone of the modern economy.  Big Data and the IoT are driving data centre expansion and data being created at an unsurpassed rate. Big data is big business.

Rising energy costs and premiums on floor space mean power density is at the forefront of every organisation’s concerns.  Managing tight budgets whilst optimising capacity means that today’s data centre managers must do more with less, utilising new technologies in order to remain competitive.

To guarantee a reliable and safe high quality power supply requires an optimised combination of vital factors.  Configurable redundancy, no single point of failure, devices designed for superior robustness, anomaly detection, rapid repair time and maintenance based on hot-swap modules all figure on the data centre manager’s wish list.

As with so many investments, however, a successful operation and attractive ROI ultimately depend upon the optimised performance and flexibility of the system architecture.

Scalable solutions
Market leading developer and manufacturer of integrated critical power solutions, Socomec has introduced several new scalable and energy-efficient UPS ranges. The equipment combines the advantages of the high-performance Green Power 2.0 (3-Level) technology and the flexibility of a modular system.
Rack-mounted modular UPS - for easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration Socomec’s Modulys RM GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for 19in rack integration across multiple applications. Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design - leaving space for other rack-mounted devices.
Modulys RM GP has been specifically engineered with full flexibility and fewer parts in order to simplify and optimise every step of the integration process – from sizing to installation – de-risking the entire project.

Modulys GP is a modular UPS ranging from 25 to 600 kW. This model is also a scalable UPS with Green Power 2.0 technology. The principle is similar: the power output by a single unit can be scaled up from 25 to 200 kW via the addition of power modules that are stacked vertically within a single cabinet frame.

The vertical modular system can be extended further horizontally up to three cabinets in parallel to reach a total output power of 600 kW. Designed with no single point of failure, the solution provides total redundancy of N+1 or N+2.

Delphys Xtend is the most recent innovation. This product has been engineered specifically for the demands of the largest data centre operations. Available from 200kW up to 1200kW, the Delphys Xtend provides a complete and scalable high performance system that is safe and easy to extend. The load is protected by online double conversion during system extension or maintenance which means that intervention is safe for both operators as well as the load.  Manufactured in Europe, this prewired system has localised switches for unit coupling and disconnection as well as an integrated hot-plug function.

Socomec’s innovative battery capacity reinjection function enables the battery to be discharged to the upstream mains network through the UPS rectifier. This function is carried out online with the load fully protected. The UPS rectifier acts as a current generator synchronised to the mains voltage; the reinjected power is active power (KW) only, there is no reinjection of reactive power (kVAR).  The reinjected current is sinusoidal, and therefore does not affect the LV installation.  If mains power is lost during the test, the reinjection is automatically stopped with no effect to the system load. For an N+1 or 2N installation the system autonomy is ensured by the other units.