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Taking control of your UPS
How can data centres better manage their energy consumption during the current energy crisis? Louis McGarry, Sales & Marketing Director at Centiel UK, weighs in.
Why the future of the telco industry will be built on customer data
Fawad Qureshi, Industry Field CTO at Snowflake, explores why the future of the telco industry will be built on customer data.
What will 2023 look like in the data centre sector?
CyrusOne’s EVP and Managing Director, Europe, Matt Pullen shares his predictions for the data centre sector in 2023.
Top tips for cloud security
Massimo Bandinelli, Enterprise Marketing Manager at Aruba, gives his expert opinion on commonly asked cloud security questions and shares his tips for a successful and secure cloud migration journey.
Harnessing HVDC for 5G networks and data centre reliability
Henrik Nilen, Director, Global DC Power Offering at Vertiv, discusses harnessing the power of High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and why this technology is crucial for 5G networks and data centre reliability.
Balancing the rising costs of public cloud
Florian Malecki, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Arcserve, gives some insight into balancing the rising costs of public cloud.
Cooling data centres sustainably
With global temperatures continuing to rise, Philip Bindley, Managing Director of Cloud and Security at Intercity, explores how firms can keep data centres at optimum temperatures without further contributing to climate change.
Could gas be used to power small urban data centres?
Dr Jon Summers, DCA Advisory Board Member and Scientific Lead in Data Centres at Research Institutes of Sweden, explores how natural gas could be used to help power small urban data centres and…
Utilising BESS to protect data and generate revenue
Dr Alex Mardapittas, CEO and Founder of Powerstar, looks at the growing need for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and considers the case for investment in technology that offers site-wide protection against power…
The liquid future of data centre cooling
With rising demand and equipment densities, air as a cooling medium is reaching its limits. Developments in hybrid and liquid cooling will allow providers to rise to the challenge sustainably, says Markus Gerber,…