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Meeting the demand for agile and sustainable data centres
Andy Connor, EMEA Channel Director at Subzero Engineering, discusses key areas of focus for the data centre sector as it seeks to meet both the expectations of digital consumers, alongside sustainability goals.
Cold storage and the future of data
Cold storage is paving the way for the new era in data, says Timothy Sherbak, Enterprise Products and Solutions Marketing at Quantum.
Managing the complexities of the cloud
What is a cloud centre of excellence and how can it help channel partners? Tiago Fernandes, Director Cloud Centre of Excellence, Europe at Tech Data, tells us more.
How data centres can engage with a changing energy sector
Ed Ansett, Founder, i3 Solutions Group, looks at how data centres can engage with the energy sector in 2022 and beyond.
Reinforcing data centre physical security
Neil Killick, EMEA Leader of Strategic Business at Milestone Systems, outlines eight steps to strengthen your data centre’s physical security.
Improving cyber security for Industry 4.0
Claire Price of QMS International explains why more robust cyber security is needed in modern manufacturing.
The democratisation of IT
Technology – specifically the cloud – has been democratised: the majority of people have access to it and use it every day, both at work and on their own time. Ross Gray,…
Pandemic data bonanza is a security time bomb
Dave Page, VP and chief architect at EDB, explains what’s at stake for businesses who might be collecting more data than they can handle – and how to mitigate the risks.
The future of tech: Predictions and emerging trends for 2022
Data Centre Review spoke to eight industry experts to gain their insights and predictions for the technology sector in 2022.
Why data is set to shape the future of local government across the UK
Omid Shiraji, strategic adviser to the Mayor of Newham, discusses why public bodies must embrace open data to effectively drive social and economic recovery.