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Using SaaS analytics to make the most of data
Alan Cunningham, subject matter expert at remote monitoring specialist Ovarro, explains why Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics are necessary to help network operators see the wood from the trees.
Exertis and Pulsant partner to help resellers capitalise on edge computing
Exertis has partnered with Pulsant to provide resellers with solutions to meet growing demands for decentralised IT infrastructure.
Scality Artesca certified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability
Scality has announced that its Artesca object storage solution is qualified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability, making both the Artesca and Ring products ransomware protection-enabled.
ServerChoice launches new network connectivity service
ServerChoice has announced the launch of its new network connectivity service, ServerChoice Connect, allowing users to connect to other data centres, cloud providers, peering exchanges and more, direct from their ServerChoice rack.
New XCP High Power Busbars from Starline
Starline has unveiled the XCP High Power Busbar, designed for data centre grey space.
Go beyond building automation
The ILC 2050 BI industrial controller from Phoenix Contact is designed for the most demanding applications in buildings, infrastructure and data centres, using the Niagara 4 Framework.
Legrand introduces the Infinium acclAIM™ fibre solution
Legrand has unveiled its latest fibre breakthrough, the Infinium acclAIM fibre solution, at the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition this week. As part of Legrand’s fibre offerings, the new acclAIM fibre solution redefines fibre connectivity by…
DataOps for all, thanks to a new free tool from SolarWinds
SolarWinds is ensuring DataOps for everyone, with its DBA xPress tool, which they are kindly offering free of charge. DBA xPress automates data and schema comparisons, making DataOps adoption and Microsoft SQL Server…
Citizen Schneider (and SnapLogic)
Schneider Electric has been working with SnapLogic to introduce a new citizen developer approach to application and data integration. With SnapLogic’s self-service, low-code platform as the foundation for Schneider Electric’s new operating model,…
The British AI firm currently surpassing Google
Just when we thought Google could not be beaten, British AI tech firm Kortical has burst onto the scene with its very own AI platform which is already outperforming Google’s latest offering. A…