Rack ready system addresses the need for flexibility and speed in IT deployment

Rack ready system addresses the need for flexibility and speed in IT deployment

Schneider Electric used the occasion of the DatacenterDynamics Zettastructure event, held in London this week, to launch its HyperPod, a rack ready system designed to deploy IT in increments of 8 to 12 racks. In launching this product, the company claims it is addressing the demand for greater compute capacity and flexible data centre architectures in today’s fast paced digital world. 

Forming part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure for Data Center architecture, HyperPod’s innovative design supports all of today’s rack types, it is claimed. Its pod style architecture, with integrated power, cooling, cabling, software management and containment, enables racks of IT equipment to roll into place, similar to a docking station, without the complexity and time associated with traditional IT deployments.

“Our customers wanted a streamlined and more cost-efficient way to deploy IT, one that keeps up with the pace of business, and we listened” said Steven Carlini, Senior Director, Innovation, Schneider Electric. “With deployment times up to 21% faster, HyperPod delivers 15 to 20% savings in time and costs over traditional approaches.”

In support of HyperPod, Schneider Electric is offering a free online rule-based designer that makes it easy for clients and partners to quickly build and customize their pod with a variety of options, reducing overall costs, decreasing time to market and enabling partners to increase their value to customers. Options include: containment only, mini and large cantilevers, cable trays, distribution cabinets, multiple roof options, windows, blanking panels, doors, lighting kits and power raceways. HyperPod can be deployed as a single pod or in extended pod configurations. Additionally, on-site assembly training and services are also available.

For more information on HyperPod, readers should visit the website to view an explanatory video and find contact details for their local sales office.