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Exploring the combined operation of data centres for cooling and energy traceability

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How can we improve public sector IT services?

With security breaches, downtime and over-spending plaguing public sector IT services, Mark Grindey, CEO at Zeus Cloud, argues it is the broken tender process that is undermining innovation and exposing the public sector to devastating security risk.

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Reaping the benefits of 800GE

800GE (800 Gigabit Ethernet) is a new network benchmark for sustainability, performance and automation, says Julius Francis, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Wide Area Networking at Juniper Networks.

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Managing energy consumption to meet AI demands

With the booming popularity of AI driving demand for data storage, Jodie Eaton, CEO of Shell Energy UK, explains why managing energy consumption and maximising operational efficiencies should be seen not as challenges but opportunities for data centre operators.

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Don’t delay on green operations

Green operations need to be a corporate priority for data centre businesses to stay competitive, says Terry Storrar, Managing Director, Leaseweb UK.

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There’s more to cooling than just efficiency

When comparing EC fans and variable speed drives, it is easy to assume that the solution with the highest upfront efficiency will work out the cheapest. However, this risks missing the bigger picture, says Carl Turbitt, HVAC Drives – UK Sales Manager,

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