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What is

Editorial is designed to showcase knowledge, informing and interesting our readers on any given topic. For this reason, editorial must remain vendor neutral throughout, this means no specific products, projects or services can be mentioned. Promotional material falls under an advertorial remit, if this is what you’re looking for, click here to find out more about our advertising opportunities.

Editorial Calendar

There are numerous opportunities to contribute to our editorial features throughout year. Use the calendar below to decide which features interest you.

DCR March: Editorial and copy deadline 04/02/2022
- Cooling
- UPS/Standby Power
- Telecoms/5G
- Cloud Computing
DCR May: Editorial and copy deadline 15/04/2022
- Edge Computing
- Green IT & Sustainability
- Colocation & Outsourcing
- Storage, Servers & Hardware
DCR July: Editorial and copy deadline 17/05/2022
- Cybersecurity
- UPS/Standby Power
- Cooling
DCR October: Editorial and copy deadline 17/09/2021
- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
- Data Centre Design
- Green IT & Sustainability
- Edge Computing

Bespoke Content

Want something different? Whether you’ve got someone you’d love us to interview or just a great idea, we’re more than happy to assist in tailoring editorial to produce something truly unique. Please contact the team for further discussion.

Want to get involved?

If you’d like to contribute an article or discuss an idea, please get in touch with the editorial team.