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Lenovo and Pivot3 optimise smart city security

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Lenovo, a Fortune 500 company and global technology specialist in driving Intelligent Transformation, and Pivot3, a provider of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions (HCI), have partnered to develop, market and sell a new set of edge computing solutions optimised for mission-critical smart city security.

Much of the smart city market growth is being driven by mission-critical security initiatives which rely on information collated from an array of city sensors and databases combined with video data and analytics including facial recognition, behavioural analysis, license plate recognition and other intelligence.

According to IHS Markit, the global market for security equipment in the city surveillance sector has surpassed $3 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at an average rate of 14.6% through 2021.

Effectively collecting, analysing, storing and acting on all this information in real-time relies on the latest advances in edge computing. The Lenovo/Pivot 3 solution provides this growing market with resilient, cost effective and easy-to-manage edge computing.

“Together Lenovo and Pivot3 are enabling the next generation of edge computing, where governments and organisations can leverage machine learning and analytics to better protect the people they serve,” said Wilfredo Sotolongo, vice president and general manager of IoT at Lenovo Data Center Group. “Through this partnership, we provide customers a solution to centrally manage their distributed edge devices – with faster video ingest rates, higher resiliency and smaller, space conscious appliances.”    

“We are thrilled to team up with Lenovo, a partner and industry leader that shares our commitment to supporting the evolving data centre,” said Bruce Milne, chief marketing officer and general manager, Lenovo Alliance, Pivot3.

“Pivot3 and Lenovo support customers with streamlined service delivery, automation and efficiency. Customers are seeing incredible impact from our HCI solutions that are optimised for mission-critical safe city, IoT and edge computing, and we’re pleased to further expand that impact with Lenovo’s market influence, distribution and accelerated go-to-market strategies.”

Among the growing customer base is the City of Bogota, Colombia, who partnered with Lenovo and Pivot3 to refresh its complex monitoring system of over 1000 cameras of different vendors. The City of Bogota deployed a highly efficient Lenovo/Pivot3 edge computing solution which achieved maximum infrastructure efficiency to scale the entire security network into a single control centre.

With this new deployment in edge computing, the City of Bogota is now able to seamlessly scale performance requirements as surveillance needs grow. Following this initial deployment for the City of Bogota, the suburbs of Bogota additionally chose the combined Pivot3-Lenovo technology for another 2,000 cameras located just outside the city limits.

“The simplicity and scale of our security has dramatically improved thanks to the new modernised control centre,” said Rafael Padilla, city government systems integrator, City of Bogota. “With this new edge computing platform our security team may view any camera, regardless of brand across the city from a single location.”

The new Lenovo/Pivot3 solution is currently available and installed in markets across the globe. Proof-of-concept testing is also available at Lenovo’s Innovation Centres, where customers and partners can gain real-time insight into how the IoT solutions can perform within their unique environments, workloads and data.

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