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ABB to power new Dubrovnik Airport data centre

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A new data centre for Croatian Dubrovnik Airport is to be powered by advanced ABB technology, designed to ensure continuous, clean power for its critical operations.

ABB has provided its DPA UPScale ST60 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to the data centre’s contractor, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, for installation in the facility.

Rittal and ABB have a long standing collaborative relationship, which has recently intensifed following the announcement of global expansion of their strategic collaboration in data centre infrastructure operations.

When Dubrovnik Airport constructed a new terminal building, the huge amounts of data required to serve the almost two million people using the airport annually demanded a new data centre.

ABB and Rittal teamed up to offer a complete solution for the airport data centre, utilising ABB’s DPA UPScale ST 60 system CBAT-120 battery cabinets, alongside IT solutions from Rittal. These solutions comprise a Rittal security room for highest physical security, an energy-efficient IT cooling device Liquid Cooling Package (LCP), TS-IT racks, CMC monitoring system for measuring humidity or temperature, and modular power distribution technology.

A loss of power even for a moment in a data centre can prove to be devastation if critical data is lost. And with an increasingly busy airport, it is crucial that IT systems are available 24/7.

A modular solution

An ABB UPS offers immediate backup power for data centres should the utility grid fail. The ABB system, built with a decentralised parallel architecture (DPA), is modularised. Each module houses all the hardware and software needed for autonomous operation. With multiple modules, the system ensures critical power will be maintained by at least one module even if a failure occurs in another portion of the system.

Aleksandar Radosavljevic, ABB sales manager Croatia, said, “The ST60 helps speed deployment, improve adaptability and increase system availability while reducing total cost of ownership. It is ideal for the airport data centre.”

The ST60 supplies on-demand power and integrates the power rack, power distribution unit, backup rack and monitoring and management solutions with easy selection of optimised configurations.

Rittal has supplied ABB UPS systems to its customers for many years. In 2013, Rittal and ABB agreed to deepen their partnership on an international level to support their growth strategies.

“Rittal deploys ABB UPS systems as standard modules and leverages additional local ABB services to provide solutions for data centres and strengthen sales activities and services in local markets,” said Dejan Dokmanovic, Rittal managing director Croatia.

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