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MIGSOLV & Next Connex deliver super-fast Janet Network access

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MIGSOLV has partnered with data networking expert Next Connex to provide customers with unprecedented access to Jisc’s super-fast Janet Network.

The UK’s national research and education network, Janet, has more than 18 million users in colleges, universities and research centres, who utilise it to connect to the internet and securely share information. MIGSOLV’s connection with Next Connex will provide rare access to Janet for other public-sector and commercial organisations.

“We’re pleased to be working with Next Connex to offer such an opportunity,” said David Manning, managing director at MIGSOLV. “The Janet Network opens up a vast new marketplace for businesses who provide secure online services. As we provide enhanced connectivity to more than 250 carriers, this super-fast network is another great service for our world-class data centre.”

Outside the education sector, the Janet Network is widely used by public and third sector organisations, including government departments and scientific bodies. For similar organisations like charities and NGOs, connecting to it can provide a way to create relationships, share information and become involved in national and international programmes. As part of the Government’s digital-first strategy, the Janet Network may provide commercial companies with a secure way to supply their online products and services to otherwise hard-to-reach public sector customers.

“Our joint connection offers customers access to a high quality and resilient network that’s used to support the best in UK research and innovation,” said Richard Auld, commercial director of Next Connex. “We’re delighted to be helping MIGSOLV provide such an opportunity through their top-class facilities.”

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