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CIO Awards 2018: DigiPlex awards Sustainable Project of the Year to Renova Group

At this year’s CIO Awards, DigiPlex handed the award for Sustainable Project of the Year to Renova Group, for its customer portal solution. The awards ceremony took place at Berns Salonger in Stockholm on Monday.

“As sustainability is a corner stone of DigiPlex’s business strategy, we are immensely proud to award Renova Group the Sustainability Project of the Year for its innovative customer portal solution, which adds both to environmental sustainability and increased financial value through the generous sharing of information and visualised knowledge”, said Fredrik Jansson, DigiPlex chief strategy & marketing/communications officer at DigiPlex who handed out the award to Renova Group on stage. 

Through the Renova Group’s customer portal, customers can see the impact of their waste; how long an apartment can be heated when combustible waste gets used for district heating, how many new storage containers can be manufactured from their corrugated waste. A big part of Renova’s mission to work towards better overall sustainability and profitability is supported by providing this illustrative information to customers.

Like Renova Group, DigiPlex is constantly looking for new innovative ways to become even more sustainable. The data centre industry has a high energy demand and today accounts for three percent of the world’s energy consumption and two percent of its carbon dioxide emissions.

The choice of data centre is therefore crucial in a company’s business strategy and environmental work. The CIO Awards and Sustainable Project of the Year present an excellent opportunity for DigiPlex to raise awareness about the sustainability issue and highlight the most impressive solutions to IT managers, often at the heart of decision making about data centres.

The 2018 CIO Awards were held for the 14th consecutive year and gathered the country’s foremost CIOs and IT-leaders. During the evening the winners in five awards categories were honoured: CIO of the Year, Digital Project of the Year, Digital Inspirer of the Year, Business Accelerator 2018, and Sustainable Project of the Year, an award that DigiPlex had the honour to hand and for the third consecutive time.

“Sustainability is extremely important to DigiPlex, to our customers and their customers in turn. We also invest heavily in innovation and are always looking for new ways to further improve our operations.”

“For example, we gather the rainwater from the roofs of our facilities to reuse in our very efficient cooling solutions. In Sweden, our latest multiple award-winning project is a cooperation with Stockholm Exergi where we will reuse the excess heat from our data centre to heat up 10,000 apartments in the local area”, concluded Fredrik Jansson.

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