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Panduit white paper: An insight into effective infrastructure implementation

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Panduit has published a new white paper, ‘Light into money – The future of fibre optics in the data centre networks.’ Authored by Dr. R Pimpinella, Panduit Fellow in Fibre Optic Research, the comprehensive document is an exploration of the current state of the market, highlighting the critical role which infrastructure developments will continue to play in data centre and data communications growth over the coming years.

‘Light into money – The future of fibre optics in the data centre networks’, presents key growth areas in the digital economy that impact the progress of data centres from highly integrated and high-speed devices and processing systems, to bandwidth and data intensive applications.

It explores trends such as edge computing, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It examines the effect of hyperscale data centre operators and the Open Compute Project upon innovation, together with the influence of telcos and media providers upon high data rate product initiatives.

Commenting on the research Dr. Pimpinella said, “Wherever you look, from components and devices to systems and applications, data centre communications infrastructure is being tasked to enable higher data rates and greater bandwidth.”

“As a consequence, data centre operators as well as those designing and building facilities, need clear information to guide how they implement or upgrade network infrastructure to meet these requirements. At the same time, data centre users and customers require insight into the challenges of their service providers so that they can buy with confidence.”

The motivation for ‘Light into money – The future of fibre optics in the data centre networks’, is to provide a comprehensive examination of the challenges and solutions for efficient and effective infrastructure implementation, to support the coming advances of compute, storage and applications that are driving the data centre market forward today.

The white paper includes an executive summary and conclusion with many diagrams and tables, the main copy is organised in sections; discussing:

  • Demand drivers for high speed Ethernet 
  • Web disruptors creating new competitive landscape
  • IP traffic explosion inside and outside the data centre
  • Data centre traffic growth forecasts
  • Current and future road maps for high speed technologies
  • Future proofing the data centre network

‘Light into money – The future of fibre optics in the data centre networks’ provides a balanced analysis of the available and future possible options for data centre developments, discussing the options available and the challenges and benefits of the various technologies. This thorough investigation of the opportunities together with development road maps illustrates the influences and potential challenges the market faces.

The white paper is available for free download at:

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