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Portal puts data centres back in control

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Data centre software experts Powerapp has launched a customer portal solution which accurately tracks and bills colocation customers’ power usage and promises to help save time and share information.

The team behind Powerapp has developed a web-based customer portal which helps data centres automate processes whilst providing customers with easy access to the information and services they need.

“Our new customer portal puts colocation data centres and their customers back in control” said managing director Jesper Boyd Rudbeck. “The app helps providers automate many manual processes and accurately document every action or event, which is important for achieving and maintaining standards like ISO27001.”

The Customer Portal allows colocation data centre’s clients to monitor their energy use whilst performing tasks such as authorising visitor access, requesting support and announcing equipment deliveries.

Launched in 2010 Powerapp’s eponymous energy billing software has already helped data centres in countries including the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands to more accurately track power usage, avoid ‘revenue leak’ and increase transparency for their customers.

With over 15 years’ experience in colocation data centre management, Jesper says their new portal was developed in direct response to existing clients looking to avoid the costs, time and risks associated with developing their own systems. It can be quickly onboarded with no upfront costs or the integration challenges associated with existing alternatives.

“Though the protection that data centres provide is highly innovative, many internal practises have remained largely unchanged” says Jesper. “With our Customer Portal solution, we can provide a simple way for colocation data centres to use technology to save resources and keep their customers loyal.”

The new portal has already been successfully adopted in a number of commercial data centres, including in Amsterdam where it is reported to have eliminated a number of time-consuming tasks and increased transparency with customers.

“Having explored developing our own system, Powerapp’s Customer Portal proved much quicker and more cost-effective to deploy” said Jochem Steman, CEO of “With minimal set up, it’s provided all the functionality we needed to become more efficient. It’s been very popular amongst our customers as they can easily manage access, request support and announce deliveries directly through the portal.”

The portal has been launched as the number of colocation data centres continues to grow globally and popularity increases for new hybrid solutions blending colocation with public and private cloud.

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