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SaaS provider has its best year yet

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Nlyte Software added more customers in 2018 than in any other year in its 15-year history. The company has just announced its financial results which were led by spectacular growth in its software as a service (SaaS) business.

SaaS subscriptions grew by 70% while new license revenue showed a growth of 30%. Nlyte says it continues to demonstrate its strength for creating new software innovations that help IT and business professionals better optimise and secure the world’s largest computing environments while also reducing costs by automating how organisations manage critical workload assets.

The company expanded its personnel count worldwide by 20% in order to maintain its market-leading 98% customer retention rate.

In 2018 the company introduced workload asset management functionality to automate the process of managing, monitoring and analysing data centre, colocation, edge, and IoT infrastructure workloads.

Nlyte Machine Learning is a cognitive solution for data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) and is powered by IBM Watson IoT. This new offering heads-off potential issues and outages before they occur.

The new customers taken on during the period included two of the top five largest consumer and financial services companies in the world. And 35 US Federal agencies are now using Nlyte for their data centre optimisation initiative (DCOI) needs.

“With the onset of private, public and hybrid clouds, as well as data centres sprawling to the edges and IoT devices, it has become nearly impossible for organisations to accurately manage their workloads,” said Doug Sabella, president and CEO, Nlyte.

“2018 was an important year for Nlyte. We grew our leadership position in the DCIM market while we expanded the value we provide customers through our new Technology Asset Management (TAM) solutions.  Additionally, we laid the foundation for our vision of helping companies more effectively manage their workloads which is why customers have critical infrastructure in the first place.”

The company has also announced the appointment of Rob Bearden, former CEO of Hortonworks, as chairman of Nlyte’s board. Bearden was previously CEO for Hortonworks and has an excellent understanding of the challenges infrastructure professionals face in supporting application workloads and operating in a hybrid cloud world. His knowledge and relationships in the market will be invaluable as Nlyte broadens the value it provides customers from managing critical infrastructure to bolstering the efficiency and performance of application workloads.


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