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London event showcases innovative UPS solution

Schneider Electric used the occasion of Data Centre World London 2019 to showcase two EcoStruxure Ready and industry-leading physical infrastructure solutions.

As revealed in DCR earlier this week, the first to be launched during the show was an innovative new UPS solution for small data centre and edge computing environments, enabling customers to increase resilience, drive energy efficiency and minimise downtime from critical power issues. Follow this link.

The company also showcased a liquid cooling solution with live demonstrations during the week of the award-winning HyperPod architecture. This was the first time that HyperPod has been seen form at a UK event.

HyperPod is a rack ready system is designed to deploy IT in increments of 8 to 12 racks and is the only solution of its kind available in the market today. Its innovative pod architecture is engineered to support all of today’s rack types, with integrated power, cooling, cabling, software management and containment. It enables pre-populated IT racks to be rolled into place, which significantly reduces the complexity and installation time associated with traditional infrastructure deployments.

“Data centres have become the backbone of today’s smart and IoT enabled world, a transformational driver for businesses,” exclaimed Marc Garner, vice president, IT Division, UK and Ireland.

“As more companies adapt to this distributed ecosystem, it presents key challenges for owners and operators – especially those utilising compute intensive applications such as AVI and Blockchain,” he added.

James Simonelli, senior vice president emerging businesses gave a paper entitled ‘The Digital Transformation of Data Centres’ on the first day of the event. The paper explored how today’s hybrid IT requirements have evolved via the adoption of new technologies including liquid cooling, micro data centres, prefabrication and cloud-based management software.

Other key considerations discussed covered this growing and complex environment and how companies can make themselves ready for the imminent arrival of ultra-fast, low latency 5G networks.

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