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MIGSOLV helps to protect businesses against tomorrow’s cyber threats

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MIGSOLV has partnered with cybersecurity providers Charterhouse Voice & Data to offer an innovative way to protect against current and future threats.

The new ‘three-pronged’ approach helps businesses not only understand and minimise existing cyber threats, but benefit from proactive protection against viruses yet to be unleashed.

“We wanted to do more than just protect businesses against current risks,” stated David Manning, managing director of MIGSOLV.

“Cyber threats are evolving fast and businesses want a simple and assured way to remain safe. Working with Charterhouse, we can provide the best and most proactive solution.”

The new approach sees MIGSOLV and its partner begin by helping businesses understand and mitigate all cyber risks and their implications.

Often assumed to be purely IT based, these can include fines, operational losses and lasting damage to reputation.

The second stage applies software from a range of world-leading names to provide protection against known threats and viruses.

This can include not only an enterprise-level firewall but ‘end-point’ protection for laptops, desktops and other devices which can be a softer target for cyber threats.

Where MIGSOLV and its partner’s new solution varies from traditional protection is in the final stage, where it automatically scans for anomalies in a business’s everyday IT and data.

It uses behavioural analytics (a form of artificial intelligence) to evaluate normal use before investigating and protecting against anything out of the ordinary or threatening.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen by MIGSOLV to help protect the wide range of businesses they work with,” said Matt Tyne, chief operating officer at Charterhouse.

“The consequences of successful cyber breaches are greater than ever and organisations really value the peace of mind this approach gives them. MIGSOLV have an impressive range of solutions for storing, managing and protecting IT and data which we’re proud to be part of”.

The new cyber security solution is effective for organisations of any size but is anticipated to be most sought after by medium sized companies looking for automated and future-proof protection.


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