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Global Data Center more than doubles capacity

Global Data Center, provider of a cutting-edge data centre in Israel, has invested millions of dollars in the doubling of its facility.

Most of the expanded area in Global Data Center’s facility in Herzliya (near Tel Aviv) has already been filled with IT infrastructures of both existing and new clients of the company.

The expanded area provides all the standards, services and levels of service provided by the facility’s original area.

The expansion of the data centre’s area by more than twice joins other measures that the company has taken recently, such as tripling the data centre’s business continuity space, allowing the company’s clients to quickly move to work at the Herzliya facility in an emergency.

Global Data Center operates a secured underground data centre facility built in compliance with the latest global standards.

The tier-3 site provides hosting services for IT operations units, full business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as on-site and remote back-up, cloud computing services, on-demand control and operating services, and smart hands services.

Companies using the services of Global Data Center’s facility include leading institutional organisations in Israel such as Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd., Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd., IBI Investment House Ltd., alongside industrial firms.

Global Data Center also hosts at its facility some of Israel’s leading high-tech companies such as Infinidat Ltd., Zerto Ltd., SolarEdge Technologies Inc. and DSP Group, alongside multi-national corporations, government organisations and other entities.

Global Data Center was founded by Moshe Lasman in 2013 in cooperation with and the financial backing of Viola Group and Leon Recanati’s Glenrock Investments.

Lasman previously served as the head of the Outsourcing Department at IBM Israel and head of Global Services at HP Israel.

Alongside Lasman, the company’s executive team includes experienced managers from tier-1 companies in Israel.

Moshe Lasman, founder and CEO of Global Data Center said, “The expansion of our data centre is a significant milestone for us and good news for Israel-related companies and organisations which would like to host their IT infrastructure in a way that ensures business continuity, around the clock service, security, survivability and cost savings.”

“Digital transformation, the critical role of data in business processes and the flexible model for consuming electricity and area drive organisations to receive services from high quality specialised vendors such as Global Data Center.”

Lasman continued, “As a data centre which has been active for five years without any fault, the expansion serves as a proof for the strong momentum we are experiencing, when large Israel-based organisations have stopped hesitating whether their infrastructure should be hosted at an external facility, and just ask how and where the hosting should take place.”

“We will continue to be an essential foundation for any large organisation which aims to leverage the benefits of hosting its IT and communications systems at an accessible data centre, which complies with the most rigorous international standards and is equipped with all the required certifications and licenses.”

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