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IT-Total expands to meet demand with DigiPlex

IT-Total is expanding its presence with DigiPlex following years of successful partnership.

IT-Total, a Swedish provider of best-in-class IT security, data centre, networking and ‘as a service’ application hosting,chose DigiPlex’s advanced, scalable and high-security Stockholm site for its primary data centre in 2016 and has grown substantially since.

The collaboration with DigiPlex played an important role in helping IT-Total secure several noteworthy customers in the public sector, government authorities, and continues to appeal to new customers with the highest demands on security, scalability and sustainability.

In the coming years, IT-Total has laid plans to grow its operating business by 20% annually, which will be reflected with similar increase in presence and collaboration with DigiPlex.

“The strength of the partnership between IT-Total and DigiPlex is totally central to our operating solutions. Our customers demand the very highest security as well as a focus on sustainability at the forefront of every solution,” said Fredrik Franzén, CEO of IT-Total.

“We are able to deliver this thanks to our partners at DigiPlex, who offer us the most physically secure data centre solution with a complete commitment to sustainability.”

Through DigiPlex, IT-Total can offer IT operations located in Sweden, an increasingly common requirement by Swedish authorities and other public enterprises.

The deployment at DigiPlex also means that all cloud services can be connected to IT-Total’s infrastructure, providing seamless and fast access for its customers.

“The success of our collaboration with IT-Total is based on trust and a deep understanding of the end-user’s need for best-in-class assurances on security, continuity and scalability,” said Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex.

“IT-Total answers the needs of some of Sweden’s most advanced and demanding customers, which is where our continuous innovation and development pay off.”

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