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Acronis celebrates first partnership anniversary with Arsenal Football Club

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Acronis has celebrated the first anniversary of its technology partnership with Arsenal Football Club by inviting its partners and customers to Emirates Stadium for a friendly game of football.

Eight teams comprised of staff from global IT companies and several legendary sports organisations – including Arsenal, Manchester City, ROKiT Williams Racing and others – met on the iconic pitch to play in the Acronis World Cup.

The event was organised both to mark The Gunners’ partnership with Acronis while raising awareness of modern cyberthreats and the vital need for modern cyber protection – which combines the best advantages of data protection, cybersecurity and privacy controls.

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In the face of ever-growing and changing threats to data, the Swiss-Singaporean company seeks to expand access to ensure all data, apps and systems benefit from cyber protection. 

To further that expansion, Acronis recently opened third-party developer access to the Acronis Cyber Platform, which will enable development of applications that will extend the suitability of Acronis solutions for sports teams and other organisations even further.

“The world is becoming increasingly digital and it needs protection that’s built for modern needs. A great way to show how data is revolutionising the modern world is by examining how it is used in sports by top-flight teams like Arsenal,” said Serguei Beloussov (SB), Acronis founder and executive officer.

He continued, “From training sessions videos to match analysis that help improve performance on the pitch, Acronis’ technology keeps all of that data protected.

“Giving our partners a memorable experience like today’s Acronis World Cup while illustrating the benefits of cyber protection goes a long way to underscoring this critical need.”

Modern data needs are growing daily from the amount of data to its different uses to the number of data sources and locations.

The only way to fully manage and safeguard that data is to address all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection – ensuring the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of data (SAPAS).

This approach ensures Acronis’ services are easy to use, efficient, and security – which is why world-class teams rely on Acronis’ existing services for backup, file sync and share, notary, and disaster recovery.

Each are designed with SAPAS in mind and are built using the Acronis Cyber Platform on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Cloud.

Opening the Acronis Cyber Platform creates tremendous possibilities for third-party developers to address each specific vector or all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, as the upcoming Acronis Total Protect does.

Officially to be released at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit in October, Acronis Total Protect delivers a new level of cyber protection by merging backup, cybersecurity and system management capabilities into one solution.

“As football has progressed, we have had to become a lot more scientific in terms of the decisions we make,” explained Arsenal IT director, Christelle Heikkila.

“Data is vital in this process. It helps us to make informed decisions across important areas of our business including how to improve player performance.

“That is why we have partnered with Acronis and why we use the data-cloud solution. They store, backup and allow us to easily recover the video data from training sessions that we require to make the correct decisions.”

By partnering with world-class organisations in Formula One, Formula E and NASCAR racing, Major League Baseball, and English Premier League football, Acronis also benefits by proving its technologies can perform when faced with the most intense and demanding data needs.

SB explained, “Every club that we support provides a great example of how Acronis technology solves real problems in the most competitive sports environments.

“It pushes our solutions to the limit, while also giving our resellers and service providers an easy way to explain the advantages of our solutions to their customers.” 

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