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Telia Carrier provides global connectivity to the world’s first climate positive data centre

Telia Carrier has announced its partnership with EcoDataCenter, the world’s first climate positive data centre. 

As part of Telia Company, Telia Carrier is committed to the same sustainability principles set-out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure environmental and social sustainability.

This partnership will offer customers access to the full suite of Telia Carrier services, while hosting their data in a high quality, highly secure, award-winning green data centre, designed to become the world’s first climate-positive data centre.

With innovative design and world-leading technology, EcoDataCenter builds data centres for co-location, HPC and wholesale/hyperscale.

Its first plant in Falun, Sweden, is connected to the town’s heating and power plant, allowing surplus heat from the data centre to be fed directly back to the heating plant. The facility is run entirely on renewable energy sources.

“Telia Carrier has mapped out ambitious sustainability targets that we need to meet by 2030, and this partnership with EcoDataCenter is integral in helping us to achieve these,” explained Mattias Fridstrom, vice president and chief evangelist at Telia Carrier.

“We have been in discussions with EcoDataCenter for the last five years as we recognised the importance of what it was aspiring to achieve, and we very much wanted to be a part of it.” 

He continued, “Data should be located and stored where it’s most economical, both in terms of sustainability and cost, and this partnership is vital in delivering this.

“Customers can make the right ecological decisions for their data, while we take care of its connectivity, ensuring its security and performance regardless of where in the world it’s needed.” 

Mikael Svanfeldt, CTO of EcoDataCenter added, “Telia Carrier was an obvious partner for us as it seeks to use innovation and growth to help improve environmental action and quality of life. 

“The combination of our data centre solutions and Telia Carrier’s market-leading global connectivity allows us to deliver world class performance to customers with mission-critical requirements.”

Top-ranked global backbone

For more than two decades Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone has grown organically, without acquisitions.

It was the first network to successfully transmit 1 Tb/s in super channels on its US network and recently announced the first real-time transmission of 600Gb/s wavelengths in a live production network.

According to Dyn Research’s global backbone rankings, Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone, AS1299, is currently ranked number one.

The company enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 280 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

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