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Converged PoE technologies: The answer to smarter more productive workplaces?

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Panduit has installed an intelligent sensing lighting solution for enterprise and data centre environments transitioning to Power over Ethernet (PoE) at its London Customer Briefing Centre (CBC).

Developed with Cisco and Signify, the solution provides a complete ecosystem which is interoperable with smart LEDs, Li-Fi, Wi-Fi and third party IoT devices and sensing applications, to provide unprecedented capability for lighting and secure, high bandwidth networking with increased building sustainability.

The Panduit CBC showcases the latest in-building environment controls, provided across Panduit’s highly efficient and flexible Cat6A copper and fibre cabling infrastructure solutions.

These connect through the Cisco 8-port ceiling mounted data switch, which utilises a heatsink instead of fans, therefore is more flexible, efficient and quiet.

Signify’s envision gateway and room controller integrate with the Li-Fi-ready light-fittings, which offer intuitive environment controls, which can be automated or controlled within the room, or through mobile devices.

Panduit provides the SmartZone monitoring suite which integrates with Signify’s envision. Together, the system provides a full-function demonstration of most enterprise and data centre environments to provide customers with a real-life experience.

The solution provides the capability for Li-Fi application which expands the bandwidth capability of any building space.

Using the integrated light fittings and the Li-Fi dongle users are able to connect to a secure highspeed and high bandwidth internet connection. This system offers increased energy-efficiency as it repurposes the light spectrum as the data signal carrier.

Utilising this PoE solution reduces the points of failure across the building, whilst increases the direct connection between key equipment.

Using Panduit’s new Matrix Cat6A cabling provides a reduction in cable diameter allowing more cables and higher density capabilities with reduced heat dissipation. Designed to take advantages of the flexibility of Zoned Cabling Architectures, it eliminates home run cabling, and allows consolidation points closer to the end use.

Stuart McKay, senior business development manager at Panduit EMEA stated, “5% of the total budget for infrastructure goes on cabling and associated connectivity devices.

“It is therefore, essential that the solutions chosen to provide the quality and capabilities to remain effective over the 25-year warranty required. We are reducing the complexity of the above ceiling infrastructure whilst increasing its capabilities and helping to increase the sustainability of the building.

McKay continued, “We can simulate customer problems and demonstrate how our solution alleviates these by reducing possible fault areas, or immediate location and resolution capabilities.”

The London Customer Briefing Centre expands Panduit’s investment and capabilities and offers its UK customers a real-building environment to experience the capabilities of this integrated solution. It provides a showcase for the company’s world class products and will help define Panduit’s level of resources to a wider audience.

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