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EDGE Network launches with the view to replace cloud computing

 The EDGE network has officially launched as it becomes a first mover in the emergence of edge computing. 

Designed to be a more cost effective and faster replacement to the cloud, edge computing is expected to address the proliferation of data and connected devices over the coming years, with estimates put at 29 billion connected devices by 2022 and over 75 billion IoT devices by 2025 worldwide.

EDGE will remunerate participants for committing their spare internet capacity to the network. Whilst individuals and businesses will be able to monetise their existing connected devices and hardware by joining the EDGE network, businesses can also reduce their IT expenditure as the cost of the EDGE computing network is far cheaper than using centralised and slow cloud computing infrastructure.

Joseph Denne, CEO and co-founder of EDGE said,“Edge computing will be the answer to the challenges faced by cloud computing as the amount of data and web traffic is set to increase exponentially in the coming years.

“With EDGE evolving from an already existing business with an established customer base, we see this as the beginning of EDGE network adoption.

“In the coming months we plan to migrate existing clients to the network, as well as convert an already expansive pipeline of business.

“At the same time we expect an exponential growth in the number of nodes as more people realise how they can monetise their spare computing capacity just by becoming an EDGE node.”

The EDGE network is already live with 155 ‘founding nodes’ established in 56 countries, who are earning DADI tokens on a monthly basis for pledging their spare capacity.

EDGE is a secure, cost efficient and environmentally friendly blockchain based computing network that aims to revolutionise and ultimately replace cloud computing.

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