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Verne Global joins NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre Program

Verne Global, a provider of advanced data centre solutions for high performance computing (HPC) has joined the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre Program as a certified colocation partner.

Enterprises and research organisations seeking to leverage the NVIDIA DGX-2 System – the world’s most powerful AI system – now have the option to deploy their AI infrastructure using a cost-effective Op-Ex solution in Verne Global’s HPC-optimised campus in Iceland, which utilises 100% renewable energy and relies on one of the world’s most reliable and affordable power grids.

The DGX-2 System – the world’s first two petaflop system – is the platform of choice for tackling the world’s most complex AI challenges, including complex deep neural networks that were previously untrainable.

Verne Global has been selected to join the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre Program following a rigorous certification process to assess its ability to provide the high specification hosting environment required for this complex, high-density system.

Verne Global’s track record for delivering ‘TrueHPC’ solutions at an industrial scale was also a key factor in its certification. Its TrueHPC approach focuses on providing accessible, flexible, optimised and highly-efficient data centre services to its customers, enabling them to benefit from genuine HPC processing power and speed.

“The NVIDIA DGX-2 System is a complete game-changer for any organisation that wants to accelerate and improve the accuracy of its AI-driven research programs, but it does require a very specialist, highly-optimised data centre environment,”said Bob Fletcher, vice president of Strategy at Verne Global.

“We are delighted to be part of NVIDIA’s initiative to make it quicker and easier for these organisations to deploy AI at scale.”

Launched in January 2019, initially with nine US-based colocation partners, NVIDIA is now expanding the DGX-Ready Data Centre Program globally.

Verne Global’s certification forms part of this expansion. Verne Global has access to 100% renewable energy, the ability to offer year-round free cooling, experience of supporting HPC applications at an industrial scale, plus Iceland’s strategic location between North America and Europe.

“Verne Global has not only proven that its campus can meet the requirements essential to hosting DGX systems, it also brings additional value to research bodies and other organisations utilising HPC applications to further their research,” said Tony Paikeday, director of product marketing for the NVIDIA DGX Systems and Data Science Platform at NVIDIA.

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