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ABB powers Singapore’s digital economy

ABB has been selected by leading data centre start-up, DODID, to deliver a comprehensive electrification and automation package for its flagship data centre, which has 20% reduced cost of ownership.

Specialising in providing colocation services for companies looking for a value-added Uptime Institute Tier III Certified Cloud Service Provider, DODID is one of Singapore’s newest and most progressive data centres, which has been established to support Singapore’s Smart Nation programme.

In a bid to provide smart digitalisation capabilities to Singapore’s transport, industrial and utility infrastructure as well as support growing consumer demand for more mobile data, the customised 3,600m2 (39,000sq foot) data centre selected ABB and its edge technologies to launch the flagship data centre and further drive efficiency and reliability.

The six-month project has seen ABB supply complete electrification solutions and data centre automation capabilities through its unified, cross-industry digital offering, ABB Ability.

Ciaran Flanagan, head of ABB’s Global Data Centre business commented, “From design and planning through to construction, installation and commissioning, ABB has been with the client every step of the way to deliver a full, 360° product and service solution.

“This end-to-end project management enables DODID to have a competitive advantage in a mature market by operating as efficiently as possible and having greater resilience through improved uptime, speed and yield.”

ABB’s electrification scope ranged from substation level to socket, including transformers, medium-voltage switchgear, circuit breakers, SMISSLINE TP, CMS-700 branch circuit monitoring devices, and industrial plugs and sockets.

ABB Ability Data Centre Automation was selected as the industrial-grade Data Centre Automation Suite to control and monitor electrical performance in real-time, as well as manage power remotely.

Through ABB data centre digitalisation tools, operators at DODID have acquired full knowledge of the electrical infrastructure and are able to leverage a comprehensive collection of data.

This deep and granular visibility has armed the teams with insight to make informed decisions for predictive maintenance, thereby optimising the performance of the electrical infrastructure across the complete system.

Christopher Han, managing director of DODID added, “ABB’s technological expertise has enabled us to embrace digitalisation throughout our data centre for greater productivity, scalability and agility.

“Through automation and granular visibility, we now have real time analytics and controls to help us monitor the full electrical infrastructure. We have been able to reduce cost of ownership by up to 20%.”

DODID makes a conscious effort to ensure that the facilities and projects do not create a negative impact on the environment. ABB’s Data Centre Automation tools allow managers to view and take daily energy meter readings, reduce costs and deliver sustainable business practices.

Flanagan from ABB concluded, “We remain committed to helping our customers streamline and simplify their mission critical operations by implementing digitalisation through the ABB Data Centre Automation platform.

“This improves business continuity, delivers sustainable and profitable growth, and ultimately adds value to our customers by making their operations more effective.”

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