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Huawei joins Paris Call to help secure cyberspace

Huawei Technologies has joined the Paris Call, a declaration aimed at spurring collective action toward securing cyberspace (which in my opinion, more companies need to get behind).

In becoming a Paris Call member, Huawei joins 564 other entities who have made a public commitment to strengthening the security of digital products and digital systems.

The group’s members include 67 states, 139 international and civil society organisations, and 358 private-sector companies.

Launched by the French government in November 2018, the Paris Call is a declaration of commitment to work collaboratively on one of the world’s most challenging issues.

Members work together to make digital products more secure, strengthen collective defences against cybercrime, and promote cooperation among stakeholders across national borders. They also pledge adherence to international norms of responsible behaviour in cyber space.

As a leading provider of information and communications technology, Huawei invests heavily in research aimed at making its products and solutions as secure as possible, and is committed to ensuring security for all customers and users.

“The quest for better security serves as the foundation of our existence,” said John Suffolk, global cybersecurity and privacy officer at Huawei.

“We fully support any endeavor, idea or suggestion that can enhance the resilience and security of products and services for governments, customers and their customers.

“We support global collaborative action on improving defences against cybercrime, including openness, transparency and internationally agreed standards”.

As a member of the Paris Call, Huawei will advocate zealously for the universal adoption of objective testing and verification standards for all technology vendors.

By relying on objective third-party standards to test the security of technology made by any vendor, it can be ensured that decisions about security are based on facts, rather than emotions or political rhetoric.

Huawei will work with governments, other private companies, and civil society to promote capacity-building measures that make the digital world more secure. 

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