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Wasabi partners with Archiware to offer cloud storage backup

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Hot cloud storage company Wasabi Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with Archiware, a manufacturer of archive and backup software for the entertainment industry.

The partnership is aimed at providing a secure and cost-effective solution for media and entertainment companies to back up their digital content and data to the cloud.

Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage solution is fully integrated with Archiware P5, the platform-agnostic software suite for archiving, backup and cloning of data. This cloud backup and archive solution provides immediate access to valuable assets with rapid restore.

Archiware P5 comprises four modules for archiving, backup and synchronisation of data. The modules P5 Backup and P5 Archive are integrated with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. P5 Backup ensures that large data sets are backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution for data migration. Through its web interface, P5 is available anywhere at any time. 

David Friend, co-founder and CEO of Wasabi, said, “There are very few industries that face the same storage challenges as media and entertainment. File sizes are ballooning as video quality continues to improve and the proliferation of streaming providers has led to an incredibly competitive environment. To succeed, production teams need to store and collaborate on project files securely, quickly and affordably. This partnership with Archiware will make hot cloud storage a reality for large entertainment corporates and independent operators alike.”

Josef Doods, CEO at Archiware, added, “Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage opens up cloud for the media and entertainment market with its specific needs. Better pricing and faster access are the key benefits that allow media companies to now profit from the cloud with maximum security and minimum investment. Archiware P5 adds a browser interface with media previews, proxies, tagging and combined searching to complete the solution.”

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