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Egress’ new tool calculates how many email-based data breaches your company could suffer

Egress, a provider of people-centric data security solutions, has launched a new online Insider Breach Calculator aimed at helping businesses better determine the probability of suffering an email-based insider data breach.

The tool is based on an algorithm that considers the number of employee mailboxes within an organisation, its market sector, and the perceived level of stress and tiredness that employees experience, to calculate the figure.

This data is sourced from insights from sample organisations to determine the average number of emails sent on a daily basis and the overall security posture of the sector in which they operate.

Egress’ Insider Breach Calculator analyses the data further, breaking down whether a breach is likely to be the result of either accidental or malicious email behaviour. Utilising data taken from the 2019 Insider Breach survey, Egress can also calculate the probability of how these breaches are occurring, e.g. the predicted number of employees leaking data to a competitor or taking IP to a new job.

“Every organisation knows that it is leaking data in one way or another, yet we find there is a bit of a ‘head-in-the-sand mentality’ where the insider breach is concerned,” comments Neil Larkins, Egress CTO.

“With an average of 60 emails sent every day by one individual within an organisation, the chances of employees accidentally leaking data, continues to grow exponentially.

“This is before we even consider intentional and malicious leaks, as well as ‘forced errors’ from caused by sophisticated phishing attacks.”

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