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TMGcore partners with Jabil to speed up manufacture of its new data centre platform

TMGcore has developed a brand-new data centre platform and server that can compute at hyperscale, out and beyond the edge. The only problem is that TMGcore doesn’t necessarily have the right expertise when it comes to taking those products to market. Thankfully, it’s partnered with Jabil to ensure that the solutions are released sooner rather than later. 

Jabil is a manufacturing solutions provider with experience in design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services, and will provide TMGcore with the skills it needs to go to market with its new data centre platform and servers. In fact, according to TMGcore, the partnership between the two firms will reduce the time to market for the new data centre platform by 50%. 

“One problem traditional data centre platform manufacturers face is the time it takes to build and deploy, which delays when companies can begin processing data and ultimately using that data to drive their business forward,” said John-David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. 

“Jabil’s manufacturing, supply chain and service capabilities will allow us to bring our technology to market more rapidly and scale our operations to meet our customers’ growing demands.” 

Due to its significantly reduced size, each data centre platform will take less time to manufacture and can be deployed in more places. Additionally, Jabil will build and service the servers that will be housed in the platform to ensure optimal performance.

“When it comes to purchasing data centre platforms, time is a huge factor in the decision,” said Ed Bailey, CTO, Jabil Cloud, Compute and Storage division. 

“Jabil’s scale, manufacturing and integration capabilities combined with TMGcore’s technology will enable TMGcore to accelerate the time-to-deployment which, in turn, accelerates their customers’ time-to-revenue.”

TMGcore will unveil the new data centre platform at Supercomputing 2019 (SC19) in Denver, Colorado on November 18-21.

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