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Advania’s new Stockholm data centre will heat the homes in the surrounding area

Advania Data Centers, a data centre operator headquartered in Iceland, has partnered with Swedish utility firm, Stockholm Exergi, to open a new data centre in Sweden’s capital. 

Stockholm is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Europe, and that’s largely due to the city’s commitment to improving air quality in the region. The city has also been big of sustainability, something Advania Data Centers has a lot of expertise in, with its Icelandic data centre campus notable for its green credentials. 

That’s why Stockholm Exergi reached out to Advania to build a $70 million data centre, with it required to meet strict sustainability guidelines. That led to Advania coming up with a centre that will provide heat to the houses in the surrounding areas, meaning there is no wasted heat and local residents benefit from lower energy bills. It also should dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the data centre itself. 

While the centre is not yet operational, it will be the first time Advania will be building a data centre outside of its home region of Icelandl. The company is set to lease land in Stockholm Data Parks to make the new centre a reality, with the company hoping to improve its international competitiveness, increase its operational security and efficiency, and improve the company’s customer service. 

Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, CEO of Advania Data Centers, says, “Operating in two separate geo-locations is essential for our future growth, and we’re delighted to take this step. It will benefit our customers, as the project will bring increased flexibility, operational security and efficiency to ADC. We envision further development in the Nordic region, in areas where data connections are superb, energy prices competitive, and demand is increasing rapidly. Our operation in Iceland has multiplied in recent years, thanks to our staff, their knowledge, attitudes and clear vision. Now ADC is strengthening its profile as an active international player in a growing market for high-density workloads and artificial intelligence. The new DC will increase our value proposition to our clients.”

Erik Rylander, head of Stockholm Data Parks and heat recovery at Stockholm Exergi, adds, “We are very excited about Advania Data Centers setting up a new facility in Stockholm Data Parks. It is not only a validation of the benefits of heat recovery and Stockholm as a location for data centers. Being a co-location provider for high performance computing, ADC is pushing the industry standard for how much data processing – and thus how much heat recovery – can be done per IT-rack”, says Erik Rylander.

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