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Asperitas, GRC team up to shed the myths and share the facts surrounding immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is a hot topic at the moment, TMGcore just announced its new OTTO, while Asperitas and GRC have been popularising the technology for several years. However, despite the growing popularity of the technology, there still seems to be a lot of myths surrounding it – and those myths are something Asperitas and GRC want to put to bed. 

The two companies have teamed up to launch a new website which will be dedicated to educating data centre operators and users on immersion cooling. It aims to shed the myths surrounding the technology and share the facts. 

There’s no denying that immersion cooling is effective, and it’s a technology that is seeing increasing use; especially as data centres around the world switch to power-hungry GPUs for AI processing. However, in recent months Asperitas and GRC argue there has been a misinformation campaign surrounding the technology. 

“In recent months, there have been a number of pieces of misinformation circulating about immersion cooling, such as the suggestion that the coolant is mineral oil or that the coolant is a fire hazard,” the company noted in a statement. 

“There is also confusion between single phase and two-phase immersion cooling, which are very different approaches. 

Seeking to reduce confusion, debunk false claims, and avoid conflicting information in the market, Asperitas and GRC concluded that the industry would benefit by sharing their considerable experience with the impactful technology”

The new site is not just there to debunk the misinformation, however, it’s also there to serve as a resource for those who just want to learn more about immersion cooling. It will describe the differences between single phase and two phase immersion cooling, why a data centre might want to adopt the technology, and what hardware can be used in conjunction with it. 

“It’s our intention to provide the global datacenter community this website to disseminate precise facts on immersion cooling, which we will update and expand gradually or when actual developments demand,” noted Rolf Brink, CEO of Asperitas.

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