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Microsoft Intelligence Security Association eclipses 80 members

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) has grown to more than 80 members, having added more than 50 new partners over the past year. The latest company to join MISA is ExtraHop, which is leveraging Microsoft Azure Sentinel in its Reveal(x) platform. 

Microsoft set up the association to assist companies wishing to leverage its security tools in their software. Over the past few years, Microsoft has released additional security features that have been made available to association members wishing to bolster the security of their products. 

The milestone of 80 members comes as Microsoft announces three new products that have been added to the MISA product integration portfolio. This includes Azure Sentinel, which is being used by ExtraHop, Azure Security Center (ASC) and ASC for IoT Security. 

Azure Sentinel promises to help security teams focus on the most important security events and removes the need to invest in infrastructure setup and maintenance. The analytics are powered by built-in machine learning and automated playbooks, security teams can quickly detect and respond to previously unknown threats. Azure Sentinel collects and analyzes security data from all sources across the enterprise — in Azure, on-premises and even other clouds. 

Azure Security Center is gaining new import and export APIs that will allow partners to share their recommendations into Security Center and get recommendations into their product consoles. Customers can use Security Center to receive recommendations from Microsoft and solutions from partners such as Check Point, Tenable, and CyberArk.

Furthermore, Security Center is opening its gates for the security community to contribute and improve the policies and configurations used in Security Center. You can now use the Security Center community menu, the central hub of information for additional scripts, content, and community resources.

Azure Active Directory helps customers secure their entire application environment, Microsoft partnered with network security vendors, such as Akamai, Citrix, F5 Networks and Zscaler, to make it simple to connect and protect legacy-auth based applications. Integrating with these partners makes it possible for customers to connect with Azure AD without rewriting applications that use protocols like header-based and Kerberos authentication.

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