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Schneider Electric’s new Uniflair range offers 25% cooling boost without taking up more space

Schneider Electric has announced two new additions to its Uniflair cooling range, both of which are ExoStruxure Ready and promise massive boosts in both efficiency and capacity. 

The new Uniflair Extra Large Chiller leverages free-cooling to maximise system efficiency, while the Uniflair Extra Large Room Cooling solution utilises extended water and air operating ranges to maximise cooling capacity. When combined, Schneider says that they offer an industry-leading free cool operating mode at the highest ambient temperature resulting in 25%more efficiency than that of comparable data centre cooling systems on the market today.

This efficiency is achieved by an advanced adiabatic system with water recirculation capabilities. In addition, the system is capable of three operating modes – total free-cooling, mixed and total mechanical, all available with or without adiabatic cooling – to provide the best efficiency values for every condition.This should lower the total cost of ownership. 

It’s not just about the cost of running the systems, however. Schneider Electric also understands that space is at a premium in a data centre, so has designed the new Uniflair cooling range to offer more in the same space. In fact, the company says that the air conditioning units provide 25% more capacity in the same occupancy, while reduced compressor usage translates into smaller compressor sizing, minimising impact on electrical infrastructure. 

In addition to its efficient use of space, Schneider has designed the Uniflair cooling system to be completely modular, allowing it to grow alongside the data centre without any installation complexity. It’s also ExoStruxure Ready, meaning it can be remotely monitored and managed using Schneider’s DCIM. 

“When designing large data centres for cloud and service providers, consultants and customers look for a comprehensive system that can efficiently provide continuous cooling operations during any time of year or under any condition while minimising the system capital expenses,” said Benjamin Smith, vice president of Cooling, Schneider Electric. 

“This new Uniflair cooling solution combines both adiabatic free-cooling chillers and room cooling to get both by utilising a modular, flexible and efficient cooling technology.”

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