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Sony establishes new AI unit to bolster all areas of its business

Sony is upping its investment in AI with a brand-new unit dedicated to artificial intelligence. The company hopes that the increased focus on AI research and development will improve all areas of its business. 

Dubbed Sony AI, the new unit will have offices in Japan, Europe and the United States, where its job will be to advance fundamental research and development of AI. The company will be leveraging the technology across all of its divisions, but AI will be especially leveraged in Imaging & Sensing Solutions, Robotics and Entertainment (Games, Music and Movies). 

Sony says that its AI division ‘will drive the research and development of AI in both physical and virtual space through multiple world-class flagship projects as well as other explorative research projects, including AI ethics.’ The first three flagship projects will focus on gaming, imaging and sensing, and gastronomy. 

Sony AI will be headed globally by Hiroaki Kitano (president and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.; corporate executive, Sony Corporation), and the American site will be headed by Peter Stone.

The company has not yet stated exactly what projects they’re working on, but it did note that it’s hoping to partner with top AI talent from around the world.

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