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Iberdrola to collaborate on enhancing the energy sector’s cyber defences with ENCS membership

Utility companies are amongst the most targeted when it comes to cyberattacks, which is why Iberdrola, the Spanish utility company that owns Scottish Power, has signed up to the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS). The company hopes that by collaborating with other firms, the energy sector can strengthen its cyber defences. 

Iberdrola is responsible for supplying electricity to over 100 million consumers, meaning it’s a high value target for those wanting to inflict massive damage. The company has become more vulnerable to attack in recent years too, as it has made significant investments into digitalisation and smart grids. Thankfully, the company has made cybersecurity a top priority, which is one of the reasons it’s joining the ENCS. 

Jose Corera, who is in charge of cybersecurity at Iberdrola Networks, said, “ENCS has been taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity in our industry. As we continue to embrace digitalisation and the evolution of smart grids, it’s in our best interests to participate in an organisation which anticipates the threats this progress brings. This membership will enable us to benefit from ENCS’ knowledge base and training activities while we contribute our own expertise to enhance protection of our shared critical infrastructure”. 

ENCS already works with a wide variety of utilities across Europe, sharing knowledge and expertise, collaborating on research projects and conducting training. Over the course of next year, the organisation will continue to expand on its security policy, architecture and operations.

“Iberdrola is not only a company of great calibre, but it has a proven track-record as an innovator in the energy sector,” added Anjos Nijk, managing director, ENCS. 

“With such a strong history and wide reach within Europe, it’s exciting to see that we’ll be able to harmonise efforts to strengthen the resilience of our systems in the coming years.”

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