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Rackspace’s Service Blocks now offers help with hybrid cloud, Kubernetes and data modernisation

Rackspace’s Service Blocks have been an easy way for companies to leverage Amazon Web Services without having to hire an employee with the expertise to manage it. That’s because Rackspace manages your cloud presence for you, with various Service Blocks designed for different use cases. Now, Rackspace is adding three more Service Blocks, giving companies even more choice as to how they use AWS. 

The three new solutions provided by Rackspace’s Service Blocks are: 


  • Container Services Journey – A combination of Professional Services, Managed Cloud and Advanced Kubernetes Management Service Blocks, this offering helps customers outline their container strategy, build containerised applications and transition them into ongoing management.
  • Hybrid Transformation with VMware Cloud on AWS – A grouping of managed and professional services designed to provide customers with the tools and expertise needed to make a smooth transition to hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Data Modernisation – This configuration helps customers streamline analytics processes, uncover deficiencies within processes and derive meaning from data to enable better data-driven business decisions and serve their customers with accurate and timely data.


Rackspace says that these three new offerings further empower its customers to keep pace with innovation and capitalise on new services and features like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and Serverless Computing. 

“Our customers need deep AWS expertise that helps them develop, deploy, and integrate the latest applications, improve and secure their infrastructure, and ultimately make the most of what AWS has to offer so that they can move their businesses forward,” said Matt Stoyka, chief relationship officer, Rackspace. 

“Our enhancement of Rackspace Service Blocks bridges the skills gap faced by customers who are quickly maturing on AWS.”

“For 15 years, we’ve trusted Rackspace to hear and understand our challenges, diagnose our problems, and quickly develop solutions that fit our evolving needs as a company,” said Bill Dalton, vice president of Firefly Digital.

“Today, bringing their expertise to manage our entire container services journey, Rackspace ensures we’re getting the most from AWS so we can focus on innovating and staying competitive.”

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