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Corning announces CleanAdvantage technology 

Corning Incorporated has announced that all connectors on its EDGE and EDGE8 data centre platforms will now utilise Corning CleanAdvantage technology.

CleanAdvantage will decrease installation time for data centre customers by eliminating the need to field clean connectors prior to the first installation. CleanAdvantage utilises proprietary cleaning technology for the entire connector ferrule, in addition to factory-installed non-contact caps, to ensure a factory-clean connector ready for installation. This technology will be included, at no extra cost, on all MTP and LC Uniboot connectors within the EDGE and EDGE8 structured cabling solutions.

Corning CleanAdvantage eliminates the need to clean and scope MTP and LC connectors prior to the first mating connection. By implementing this new cleaning technology within the manufacturing process and introducing non-contact dust caps, CleanAdvantage decreases installation time by up to 17% and reduces the cost of cleaning consumables by up to 95%.

Given data centres ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, Corning recognises the need for innovation that increases the speed of installation. CleanAdvantage technology returns valuable time that keeps data centres ahead of demand.

Stuart Hoiness, senior vice president for data centre noted, “Corning continues to extend our long-term leadership in optical connectivity for data centres via innovation in manufacturing and is proud to offer this technology to existing and new customers of our award-winning EDGE and EDGE8 solution platforms.

“CleanAdvantage allows data centres to get capacity up and running faster than before, putting them on the road to revenue generation ahead of industry demand. Our innovations that improve reliability, manageability, scalability and flexibility will continue to yield benefits to our customers.”

Learn more about CleanAdvantage technology here.

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