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Snowflake announces general availability on AWS in Tokyo

Snowflake, the American cloud-based data-warehousing startup, has followed up the opening of its Japan office by announcing the general availability of Snowflake on Amazon Web Services in the Tokyo region. 

Snowflake leverages AWS infrastructure services such as data storage and compute, and supports popular BI and ETL tools from the prominent cloud provider. The cloud data platform offering includes Snowflake’s secure, governed Public and Private Data Exchanges. Its metadata services on AWS in Japan will also run on the latest open source FoundationDB as the company continues to make contributions and support new features on the platform.

This expansion will continue Snowflake’s efforts to support its customers with operations in Tokyo that want to keep their data local. The new office, which is located in Shibuya City, is also the company’s 27th globally, with the company expected to continue its expansion around the world. 

Snowflake hopes that local availability will provide customers with fast, low-latency access to their data, while accelerating their global data initiatives by satisfying their country-specific data needs. One such client is Intage Technosphere Inc, which has signed up to use the service. 

Mr Kawaguchi, Makoto of Intage, noted, “We believe that the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s multi-cluster is an integral part of delivering value quickly to many customers. We were looking forward to having that performance available in Tokyo.”

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