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Snowflake announces integration with Google Cloud for US, Europe

Following Snowflake’s announcement of its expansion to Tokyo with Amazon Web Services, the company has now announced that it is integrating with Google Cloud, bringing together the cloud-native data platform with Google’s capabilities in AI, machine learning and analytics. 

Snowflake’s integration with Google Cloud is now available in the us-central1 (Iowa) and europe-west4 (Netherlands) regions with additional regions coming later this year. Combined with the new database replication feature, Snowflake allows users to migrate their data to Google Cloud or keep their database data synchronised between multiple cloud providers for business continuity. 

Clearbanc, an equity-free VC alternative, is already leveraging Snowflake on Google Cloud to drive business growth. 

“Clearbanc is rapidly scaling our business in 2020, and seamless access to insights derived from all of our data is essential,” said Vikas Gandhi, VP of data at Clearbanc. 

“Snowflake on Google Cloud delivers the scale, performance and ease-of-use we need to enable real-time data analytics. It drives our strategies to streamline services, operations, and grow our network.”

In addition to general availability of Snowflake on Google Cloud, the cloud data platform company will launch integrations with Google Cloud’s big data analytics platform later this year, including:


  • Snowflake Connector for Spark running in Google Cloud Dataproc
  • Snowpipe continuous data ingestion using Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Data Fusion, Google Cloud’s data integration service
  • Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud’s fully-managed service for stream and batch processing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform Notebooks


“Organisations need the ability to make decisions based on increasingly large volumes of data, often spread across multiple cloud and on-premises data sources,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud. 

“We’re delighted to partner with Snowflake to help them do so, and to make Snowflake’s data platform available to more organisations in Google Cloud.”

“General availability of Snowflake across all three major public clouds is a key milestone in addressing demand from our customers and providing choice,” Snowflake Senior VP of Product Management, Christian Kleinerman said. 

“Snowflake enables organisations to give their users secure and governed access to data that’s needed to propel the business forward. The possibilities of what can be achieved with fast and scalable access to data are even more vast now that customers can utilise Snowflake’s one, integrated platform in any cloud environment.”

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