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Find out about Rittal’s data centre solutions at DCW 2020

Rittal will be showcasing its portfolio of TS IT racks, edge computing resources, modular systems, cooling units, internal power distribution systems, and lighting solutions at Data Centre World 2020. 

Visitors to the show will be able to find out more about the company’s advanced IT infrastructures from Rittal’s expert team.

They can also find out more about how to stay abreast of innovation within the fast-moving IT sector, and how they can harness this to drive business competitiveness.

Rittal TS IT racks

Rittal’s TS IT rack has become an industry by-word for flexible, modular and intelligent design.

It is easy to order, provides a safe environment for servers and other equipment, modifiable at no great cost and has an optimum price/performance ratio.

It has cost savings built-in and supports future investment by giving data centres the potential to adapt and expand, to accommodate the latest innovations.

Edge solutions and modular resources

Edge solutions are designed to provide computing resources at the perimeter of a given network. They deliver low latency, local data processing and high autonomy of infrastructure, system-wide security and high bandwidth. 

Rittal’s edge data centre solutions are easy to set-up and provide access to Industry 4.0 applications for a complete, one-stop solution, suited to organisations of all sizes

Rittal’s IT modular resources and container solutions can enable an edge computing infrastructure to be set up for Industry 4.0 initiatives. 

The RiMatrix S is a flexible, cost-effective turnkey containerised solution, and is regarded as the go-to solution for IT professionals in many sectors including financial institutions, manufacturing companies, the oil/gas sectors and the military. 

RiMatrix S is ideally suited to housing IT infrastructure and it supports the further development of state-of-the-art data centres.

Climate control

One not-to-be-missed opportunity for visitors will be to review Rittal’s sophisticated cooling solutions.

A great deal of IT equipment is both extremely sensitive and critical to a business’s ability to serve its customer base. 

The company’s climate control team will be able to discuss why a “making do” when it comes to climate control could create an existential threat to a company. 

There will be a chance to look closely at advances in cooling technology including Rittal’s LCP DX cooling solutions (which uses a Direct eXpansion (refrigerant) circuit).

Full rack lighting

Finally, Rittal’s LED light guarantees full illumination of all standard racks (e.g. Rittal’s TS IT) and the elimination of any dark spaces for optimum user working conditions.

The lights deliver an output of 600 lumens, and feature a plastic cover and lenses that ensure that a rack is fully lit from top to bottom precisely where needed.

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